St. Maarten is located in the Northeastern region of the Caribbean — more specifically: 18.01°N, 63.03°W. The general climate usually varies from a relatively dry season (January-April) to a rainy season (August-December), with moderate winds from the east to northeast. Showers normally occur during the late afternoon, as local effects of heating, humidity, etc. combine. Additionally, temperatures usually remain around 27°C with the warmest month being August. The tropical nature of the island extends into seawater temperatures of around 27.2°C, while skies typically range between mostly clear to partly cloudy.

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JAN- 2018


JAN-2017        APR-2017        JUL-2017     Oct-2017
FEB-2017        MAY-2017       AUG-2017    Nov-2017 
MAR-2017       JUN-2017       Sept-2017     Dec-2017


JAN-2016        APR-2016        JUL-2016        OCT-2016
FEB-2016         MAY-2016       AUG-2016      NOV-2016
MAR-2016       JUN-2016       SEP-2016         DEC-2016


JAN-2015        APR-2015        JUL-2015        OCT-2015
FEB-2015         MAY-2015       AUG-2015      NOV-2015
MAR-2015       JUN-2015       SEP-2015         DEC-2015


JAN-2014        APR-2014        JUL-2014        OCT-2014
FEB-2014         MAY-2014       AUG-2014      NOV-2014
MAR-2014       JUN-2014       SEP-2014         DEC-2014


JAN-2013        APR-2013        JUL-2013        OCT-2013
FEB-2013         MAY-2013       AUG-2013      NOV-2013
MAR-2013       JUN-2013       SEP-2013        DEC-2013


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2016 Climate Summary
2015 Climate Summary
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2012 Climate Summary