……. Rainfall is expected to be near normal to above normal this season……
Based on a number of global models, historical data and subjective input, the following forecast has been made for the island of St. Maarten for the next three (3) months — namely August to October 2017.
Based on the Precipitation Outlook for the Caribbean for the months of  July to September, rainfall for the Northeastern Caribbean including St. Maarten is predicted as follows:
50% Chance of being Above Normal (more than  421.5 mm/17 in)
30% Chance of being Near Normal 332.1 mm – 421.5  mm/13 in- 17 in)
20% Chance of being Below Normal (less than  332.1 mm/13 in)
This means, that rainfall for this season is most likely to be above normal. During August, there is usually a mid-summer dry spell while in September and October there is more frequent heavy showers.  

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This information is provided by the Meteorological Department of St. Maarten in collaboration with CARICOF. There are no guarantees concerning the accuracy, totality, reliability, or suitability of this outlook. The information may be used freely by the public with appropriate acknowledgement of its source, but shall not be modified in content and then presented as an original material.