DATE ISSUED:   Wednesday, September 17, 2014 @ 12:00 Lst (16:00 UTC)  
VALID UNTIL:    Thursday midday (12:00 Lst) September 18, 2014
This Afternoon through Thursday: Fair to partly cloudy with no significant precipitation.
Forecast High:   31°C / 88°F            Forecast Low:   27°C / 81°F
Sunrise Tomorrow: 6:00 A.M        Sunset Tonight:  6:13 P.M
Today: Northeast to east with a light to moderate breeze of 06 to 14 miles per hour.
Thursday: East to southeast with a gentle to moderate breeze of 08 to 16 miles per hour.
A relatively stable atmosphere will continue over the local area. Generally fair to partly cloudy skies with a light breeze can be expected during the forecast period. Any shower activity will be brief.
Seas are up to 5 feet and subsiding mainly over the Atlantic.
STATE OF THE SEA: Slight to Moderate       WAVES/SWELLS: 3 to 5 feet
SPECIAL FEATURES: Hurricane Edouard continues to move northward over open water in the northwestern Atlantic. This hurricane poses no threat to land at this time.  
OUTLOOK from Thursday midday through Friday midday: Partly to occasionally cloudy with isolated showers.
The next weather forecast will be issued Today at 18:00 Lst (22:00 UTC).